Participants Accreditation

The access to the International Customs Forum premises is possible with accreditation badge only. We ask you to get your accreditation badge at an accreditation desk beforehand to avoid any inconveniences

The accreditation badge is personalized. It cannot be given to a third party.

Please, report to the accreditation desk immediately in case of your badge being lost, stolen, or damaged.

You must always carry your accreditation badge and ID while being at the International Customs Forum premises.

Before Getting an Accreditation Badge

  • Ensure that you have completed the registration procedure in your Personal Account, having provided all necessary and accurate personal information.
  • Make sure that your passport details and the information given in your application are identical.
  • Contact the Information Centre of the International Customs Forum (tel. +7 (495) 961-11-99 ext. 125) to ask if your accreditation badge is ready to be handed out.

Means of Getting an Accreditation Badge

  • From the person in charge of your delegation
  • At an accreditation desk yourself

Delivering Accreditation Badges to the Person in Charge of a Delegation

If you have completed a group registration in the Personal Account, the accreditation badges are given to the person in charge of the delegation at an accreditation desk. The person in charge of the delegation should have power of attorney for their company. The papers have to contain the list of all participants (surnames, first names, and middle names), copies of their passports as well as the passport of the person in charge of the delegation.

Delivering Accreditation Badges to the Individuals

Accreditation badges to the individuals are delivered at accreditation desks. Be ready to show your passport, please.

Accreditation Desk Working Hours

Date Time

The World Trade Centre (WTC), 12 Krasnopresnenskaya Embankment (Gate # 4)